Autograph Prive Mattress

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Promise your body a relaxed sleep with this mattress. A perfect combination of firm support and natural latex, this mattress...
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Promise your body a relaxed sleep with this mattress. A perfect combination of firm support and natural latex, this mattress provides support to your spine, eliminating any pain or pressure on your body. And it is accompanied with a plush pillow that takes pressure off your neck and lets you drift into the land of dreams.

Maintenance & More


  • Rotate the mattress by changing the head and tail position. Change the sides every 3 months to enhance comfort and life of the mattress
  • Always keep your mattress clean, Covered and dust free
  • In case children use this mattress, we recommend you to use the springfit protector cover
  • Use a bed of matching size for your valuable mattress. An over sized or under sized bed might lead to mattress damage and sagging. We do not take any guarantee / warranty if the size of the bed is improper
  • While shifting your mattress location, carry it flat on its side in order to avoid mishandling which may lead to damages
  • Give your mattress a little time to 'air' after removal from its enclosed packaging


  • Do not fold or bend your mattress in any condition as it may get damaged.
  • Do not expose your mattress to any kind of heat, direct sun or flames. The mattress is not fire or flame resistant and can catch fire
  • Do not place any heavy objects on the mattress and do not ever jump or stand on it as the springs might lead to compression and get damaged
  • Do not use any detergent powder or any dry cleaning fluid to remove stains. Use dry cloth first and then dampened cloth to remove stains
  • Do not drop any water and other liquids on the mattress
  • Do not use handles for carrying / lifting the mattress, as they are meant only to position the mattress on bed base
  • shop for mattress Ensure your mattress is flat, only then push the opposite corners

  • spring on mattress Now place it gently towards the head of the bed

  • latex mattress india price Position your mattress in such a way that it overlaps the sides of the bed

  • cost of single bed mattress Push 'C' and 'D' corners in anti clockwise position as shown, to position it properly

  • cost of memory foam mattress Lift the mattress vertically as shown

  • Turn the mattress every three months as shown above for a long and stress free experience